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Before taking photographs of the Jagged Art show at Artefact, I checked with a very respectable and quite official-looking gentleman whether it was OK to do so. He nodded politely so I thanked him and carried on shooting. A few minutes later, Andrea Harari – the gallery’s owner – asked me very politely and perfectly reasonably who it was that I was taking photographs for. I told her that it was only for myself, as well as mentioning that I had asked permission of the gentleman in the suit who had, by this time, disappeared. She seemed satisfied and let me carry on with what I was doing.

As it transpired, the chap I had spoken to was the partner of one of Andrea’s artists, Kazuhito Takadoi, whose work can be seen here along with that of Valéria Nascimento, Forest and Found, Alison Gautrey, Katie Mawson, Lucas Ferreira and Tanya McCallin. My thanks to them and to Andrea.

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