In one form or another, my creative career spans three decades. After a foundation course in 1991-92 I graduated with a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery in 1995. My passion for photography, however, goes back even further still – my father was a keen amateur photographer, and as I grew up the desire to have a camera in my hand was constant.

Not much has changed! As the photo at the top of the page probably shows, I am much more comfortable behind a camera than I am in front of one – photography for me is like breathing; it comes naturally through decades of experience. This experience, combined with a quarter of a century of continued making, places me in something of a unique position to make meaningful, sensitive and innovative images of your work. Not only do I have the technical expertise to produce photos of the highest quality, but I also have an in-depth and experiential appreciation of just how personal and important your work is to you, how many hours go into its production and how crucial it is today to make a lasting impact when you present your work to galleries, selection panels and buyers.

Based in east Devon, my primary aim is to provide photographic services to artists and galleries in the south-west of England. My wife Alison Shelton-Brown and I are concerned that our practices are as environmentally sound as possible so my aim is to keep travelling to a minimum and provide a personal and bespoke service to those within a couple of hours’ drive. Of course, I am happy to go further afield to work if requested and will, of course, photograph work in my studio. To find out my pricing structure, please click here

The lockdowns of 2020-21 gave me the chance to fulfil a lifetime ambition and build my own dedicated film photography darkroom. Now that digital technology has freed analogue photography from its representational shackles, we are now free to explore the creative potential of the latter. Doing so enables me to make arresting and original images using other artist’s work. The above image is a chemi-photogram of a wire ‘trapper’ basket made by Alison. I am very keen to explore the possibilities afforded by collaboration with other artists to develop this side of my practice.

To discuss your requirements or a potential collaboration, please give me a call on 07875 543743, email me at or drop me a line via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.