‘Such a joy to sit for you, Robin. You have a great knack of making people feel relaxed’

Bridget Macklin

As an artist or craftsperson today, it is perhaps more crucial than ever to make a compelling first impression. Because we rely hugely on social media and websites for promotion, a standout photograph can make all the difference between a swipe and a stop.

Of course, the impact of Covid-19 has been Massive for us all in so many ways. As a craftsperson myself, I know first-hand how difficult it has been to sell work since March 2020. What has been made by a human hand needs to be understood in a similar way. Because the opportunity to touch or otherwise physically experience what we make has not been available to potential buyers, I have spent lockdown concentrating on how best to represent the unique material qualities of artists’ work in an image-saturated online environment. I also specialise in making portraits of artists and makers in their studios or on-location.

Starting with the work of my wife, the artist Alison Shelton-Brown, I have used my 40+ years of photographic experience to create unique, beautiful images to represent her and her work. Although I work mainly digitally in order to meet these demands, I am also fascinated by the possibilities of analogue and alternative techniques to make images that go beyond simple representation. If you are a maker seeking that perfect white cut-out, location or portrait shot, an artist interested in collaborating on some interdisciplinary new work, or a gallerist wishing to document an exhibition, an artist or their work in a new and exciting way, please do get in touch via the contact page.